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  • …And We’re Back (Overseas Life)

    Well, as the WNBA season is approaching I think it’s time for me to start blogging

    again. I think my last blog was about my dog Miles and I’m pretty sure that was

    about 6 months ago, so lets give the blogging a nice warm welcome back.

    This “off season” has been a little different than my past two over here in Russia. For

    one, I’m the only Terp here. For the past two years I was lucky enough to play with

    my old college teammates “Lang” (Crystal Langhorne) and “Harp” (Laura Harper),

    but this has been my first year in Russia without them. Tear. Instead I’ve been

    teaming up with two Olympians, Tina Charles and Lindsey Whalen. I wasn’t sure

    what to expect at first, not really knowing either one of them outside of post game

    handshake lines and a lot of film, but it has been awesome getting to know both of

    them beyond basketball. Overseas can either be brutal or a blessing when it comes

    to who you are teamed up with and I can honestly say I got lucky landing these two.

    We are about to enter Russian league playoffs this weekend and we have a really

    good opportunity to do big things in this post-season stretch. Our extra motivation,

    if we win our first round we will get a break to go home for about a week, so that’s

    all we needed to hear. I’ll be at the Final Four, or a beach.

    Speaking of the Final Four, I need to fill in my brackets today before it’s too late. Just

    looking ahead I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick Maryland over Tennessee in the Elite

    Eight and run my mouth to Candace when the Terps pull the upset. Gotta love the

    underdog, especially when it’s your alum. On the men’s side I’m pretty sure I’ll have

    Sparty going all the way. They’ve struggled with injuries all season long, but finally

    everyone is back and coming off a Big 10 championship I feel good about their

    chances. Don’t let me down Izzo!

    Well I realize this is a bit short, but lets face it I’m no Hemmingway so this is all I’ve

    got for now. Time to go make some dinner and watch more NBA League Pass. Oh

    overseas life.copy-ktolivar_banner.jpg

  • Miles Ghandi Davis

    As my first blog post I’d like you guys to meet someone very special to me, my main man Miles. Miles is my pitbull and we will be celebrating his birthday at the end of the month – on August 30th Miles will be two! Here’s some background info about him…

    Precious Pitbull Puppy Academy ​ ​
    Hermosa Beach, CA​ ​​
    Degree in progress​ ​​​ ​

    Professional Sumary:
    Pitbull with two years of experience providing quality home companionship and security. Excellent automobile traveling skills with three successful cross country treks completed to date. Driver’s seat warmer, console surfer and puddle chaser.


    Start Where You Are – Pema Chodron
    Anything by Janet Evanovich

    Pulp Fiction
    Do the Right Thing
    The Breakfast Club
    Working Girl
    Pitch Perfect
    21 Jump Street
    Annie Hall

    TV Shows:

    Favorite Quotes:

    “First rule of the code: don’t get caught.”

    “The Westside is the best side.”

    “It’s not how you start it’s how you finish.”

    “Be here now.”


    Sublime, 90s Station on XM Radio, Miles “Dewey” Davis

    Sports Teams:
    Bears, Tigers, Lions, Cubs, and the Dodgers

    Favorite athletes:

    Favorite Food:
    Honest Dogs, Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Bacon, Plastic, Carrots, Dressings, Bread, Almonds, Bananas, Wrappers, Leftovers

    Chasing, lunging, nibbling, growling, chewing, drooling, meeting people from a distance, Sleeping, begging, chirping, cuddling.